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Ken LaVoie: Solo Acoustic Musician

Ken LaVoie is a solo acoustic/electric guitarist & vocalist from the Waterville Maine area, available as a singer / guitarist (aka solo acoustic musician). Ken can also be booked as an opening act on a limited basis. He plays covers of songs from the genres of classic rock, southern rock, & new & traditional country. View Ken's setlist for a better idea of his style and repertoire.
For more information, visit Ken's awards page, & listen to some recordings of his music. Ken can also be reached directly at If the navigation menu above is not functioning in Chrome, use the menu at the bottom of the page.

Style & Vision:

From Ken: I remember playing for Cherokee years ago. From time to time, we'd give our lead vocalist a break and do a couple of songs without him. I remember how hard that was to fill his shoes and make the band still sound full and have that "energy and magic" without him out front. I thought to myself that I'd like to learn how to entertain people with just my guitar and voice. So I've decided to try.

My genre is basically my father's music. Classic rock, southern rock, & new & traditional country (see my setlist page for an idea). I am available for solo acoustic / electric shows, including fundraising events.

My style is to honor the original song that I'm playing, while adding my own color. Most of my songs are intended for full bands. Solo acoustic musicians tend to focus on a good beat and smooth vocals. Having been a lead guitar player, I can't be satisfied just strumming. I like to add some dynamics, something to set me apart.

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