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The Law of Attraction: My Intention Video

This is a little project I did years ago after reading about the Law of Attraction. I truly believe in the mechanics of the LOA, and also believe it meshes with Christianity, although I am not at a point where I can reconcile all the finer points. The purpose of an intention video is to create something that, when you watch it, reminds you of what your goals and intentions are, and fills you with the emotional charge needed to engage the engine of creation. Clear intentions, combined with a positive emotional charge, and (the part many forget), focused, decisive and continuous action, will tend to produce focused, decisive and continous postive results. Dreams coming true, buckets being filled and so on. I still believe that passion is the key. With passion...that feeling that says, "I'm doing this..I'm having this...I'm going to BE that way" ... all things are possible. Passion is the key that unlocks the clues to the "how". With unbridled passion, the rest are just details.

I hope you enjoy this video and are inspired by it. Especially, I hope it "moves you" in some way big or small. Emotion is simply "E" in "motion" or E-motion. This video is a map of where I'm in the process of going...what's true and is either here now or quickly on its way. It's not necessarily "caught up with me" yet. I don't have 10 million dollars yet (and if I did I certainly wouldn't publicize it!), and you'd be hard pressed to find anyone claiming that I'm patient. This is a vision of what I've decided will be. Not what I wish, want or hope will be, but what IS. (Now or a little later is irrelevant.) The journey is always the point. A destination is only one moment along the journey. (fill in with your favorite new-age neologism)

Watch My Intention Video