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My Letter to Keith Richards


Hello Keith! My name is Ken LaVoie, I live in Winslow Maine with my lovely wife Deb and my daughter Elissa (19), whom I call my "best girls". I've' been playing guitar since I was 10 years old (I'm 55 now), and the Stones have been my favorite since I was 12 or 13. I went to be with my Dad when I was that age and he turned me onto "Get yer ya yas out" and the first solo I learned was the live "sympathy for the devil" where YOU start it, and I think Mick Taylor takes over and adds some fills. I use open G a lot, and I think my rhythm style is a lot like yours. (Though my lead style is more like Mick Taylor's)

My personal dream since then--never changing--has been to jam with you. I know this might be a long shot; I mean I don't deserve that honor any more than the next in a long line of people with the same wish. But I want it very dearly and I'll jump through plenty of hoops to earn it.

Why? I love your style. I love your work and now that I've grown up a bit, what I really see more than the music is this "freedom" of spirit, that "I don't regret nuttin'" attitude. I struggle with taking myself and life too seriously and I crave the openness, fearlessness and spiritual freedom that you show. I live my life from the neck up it seems, and your music has taught me to play from the neck down. That's about it in a nutshell. The only time I get "out of my head" is when I get "behind the axe."

So please let me know that we can Jam. Tell me what I gotta do and I'll do it. Whether it's a short ride to Connecticut (4 hours drive) or a long trek to Parrot Cay, you name the place and I'll get me and my girls there. (I gotta bring my best girls, I hope that's ok!) My wife would never forgive me if I met my hero and she wasn't there to see the shine in my eyes and my little girl ... well 'nuff said! (And I promise to wear my Keith Richards for President T shirt!) You're also welcome to come here. We'll put you up in style and make sure we stock all the best.

Thanks for the gifts you've given
Yours in spirit,
Ken LaVoie