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A Man's only important purpose in another man's life

I've entitled this page "Masculine Studies" which will become an entire website devoted to just that. Being the best man the way we were hard-wired to be.

Meanwhile, I want to create a meeting or call (phone, Skype, or other) which I will lead, in which we meet weekly and support each other with ruthless compassion in being the best men we can be. This call will be for men who are married, or in a long-term committed relationship only. This includes men who are engaged or considering becoming so. Marriage is, to coin a phrase, "Alien, enemy, hostile territory" for a man and as such, it is vital that he be equipped for this most sacred and worthwhile mission. The core goal of this call will be to help men literally "Be the men they always wanted to be." What a "hokey" sounding thing! But I don't think there's any better way to put it.

Incidentally, if you're a man who's led this sort of thing, don't hesitate to step up to help. I'm scared shitless leading this thing. It's important. Families are a stake, and that's not an exaggeration.

The context or "rule set" for these meetings will be simple, and will adhere to the teachings and philosophies of teachers like Justin Sterling, Dave Deida, and others. If you do not believe the underlying premises of these men, this call is simply not for you. I would prefer that attendees have successfully complete the Sterling Men's Weekend, or Legacy Discovery Event, hosted by Men's Division International, though I will carefully consider men who have not, as long as you have a working knowledge of how a masculine man is hardwired. The most important factor is that this be a 100% safe place for men to get what they need to succeed in being a man in a largely feminized world. A man needs to be comfortable sharing completely, without fear of reprisal or judgment. Men must also be willing to step in if they feel a man is a danger to himself, his family or others without breaking this sacred confidentiality. This is a lot to ask and must not be taken lightly. Vegas rules and then some apply. I'm not f***ing around here. This is not a "support group".

The crux of these meetings will be: I'm compelled to create this call because I fought tooth and nail for every ounce of manhood I have. I lived the majority of my life as a semi-dishonorable, feminized man and gained what I have through desperation, hard-work, and surrender. Everything I know about being a father, husband, leader and masculine man came mostly from books and seminars, coupled with 6 years of weekly meetings with a group of men of the same mindset. And even now, it's still a constant fight to maintain what I have. And so by creating "this" (whatever "this" is) is my way of "keeping what I have by giving it away". In other words, I'm not a "natural" masculine man in the slightest. If I am one now, I became one despite a lot of things. As such, I think people who had to fight for a bit of knowledge are much better suited to teach that knowledge vs. someone who's "natural". I've always been a natural at playing lead guitar. I suck at teaching it. And I think this rule is very common. We teach best what we had to fight for, and we keep it best by doing just that: Teaching it to others. I humbly--and I mean humbly--invite you to learn from my struggles.

Some recommended resources for getting up to speed: Yours in spirit,

Ken LaVoie
Son of Ken, SMW Oct '99